Emco Emcomat 8.6 + FB2

230 Volt single phase 2 speed original emco motor is running fine.

Geared headstock, gears running in Oil.

8 Spindel speed’s adjustable from 65 up till 2800 RPM.

Power feed in side ways direction.

Thread cutting possible.

MT2 Tailstock intake.
MT4 Spindel intake.

Quick change toolpost.

FB2 Milling attachment.

Stepless speed drive due to the VFD.

Spindel speed’s adjustable from 0-2000 RPM.

MT2 Spindel intake.

Head in height and under degree adjustable.

Distance between centers: 600mm
Center height: 109mm
Spindel bore: 22mm

Include’s accessorie’s as shown on picture’s next to the machine.

Table not included!


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