Maho MH 800

3 Phase 380 volt 6.5kw motor is running fine.

ISO/SK40 Spindel intake.
Spindel travel: 125mm

18 Spindel speed’s adjustable from 32 up till 1600 RPM.

Power feed on all 3 axis X, Y & Z.
Feed rate’s adjustable.

X travel: 700mm
Y travel: 450mm
Z travel: 450mm

Big table size: 900x520mm

Tabel can turn and is adjustable under degree.

3 Axis sony digital read out (DRO).

Coolant pump in base.
Machine light.

Weight: 3300KG
Overall size: 2300x2000x1850mm

Made in Germany.


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€ 9.000,00




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